Tethered oral tissues such as lip and tongue ties can negatively affect an individual’s life. People of all ages can be affected by a lip or tongue tie with varying symptoms. Infants struggling to breastfeed, children having difficulty with sleeping, and adults still struggling with speech issues are all examples of individuals who could potentially benefit from lip or tongue tie revisions.

Minimally-Invasive Lip
and Tongue-Tie
Laser Surgery

At KC Tongue Tie Co., we use a state of the art CO2 soft tissue laser that allows our board certified pediatric dentists to release the lip tie or tongue tie precisely and completely. We prefer the CO2 laser over scissors due to improved healing for the patient, complete tie removal, and superior visual fields during the treatment.

Our patients are numbed using a strong topical gel that may be used with or without traditional local anesthetic. There is little to no downtime or recovery after the procedure.

Our team at Kansas City Tongue Co. is compassionate and dedicated to providing the information necessary for a mother or father to make an educated decision regarding their child’s lip or tongue tie.

We strive to provide relief to infants and toddlers who are struggling with the effects of lip or tongue ties. Lip ties and tongue ties can restrict oral movements and make normal functions difficult. Revisions can allow improvement in nursing, swallowing, speech, and self confidence.

Nursing mothers who had this procedure completed reported immediate improvement in perceived pain during nursing, improved feeding sessions, and a stronger mother-baby connection during nursing sessions.

Children and adults that have this condition may see improvement in appearance, speech, and overall health after their revision.

If you or your child has symptoms, it is best to be evaluated by a professional with experience in this field. Not all ties are readily visible and a proper exam is needed to lead to a diagnosis. Similarly, not all ties lead to symptoms, so an exam should include a detailed history of possible symptoms along with the physical exam of the possible tethered oral tissues.

At KC Tongue Tie Co. we want every parent to feel that they were deeply educated on the presence and effects of lip or tongue ties before they make any decisions on treatment.